URL Encoder Online - Encode a URL

Encode a URL by escaping characters with UTF-8 code units.

The URL Encoder is designed to encode or escape characters in a URL using UTF-8 code units.

The purpose of the URL Encoder is to ensure that all the characters in a URL are correctly formatted and safe for use within a web context. When you input a URL into the URL Encoder, it analyzes the URL and identifies any characters that need encoding. Encoding involves converting special or non-allowed characters into a format that can be safely transmitted over the internet.

Let's take the example of a URL containing a search query with special characters that need to be encoded.


Original URL:

In the above URL, the search query contains spaces and the "&" character, which are not allowed in a URL without proper encoding.

To properly encode this URL, we would use the URL Encoder. After encoding, the URL would look like this:

Encoded URL:

In the encoded URL:

  • The space character " " is encoded as "%20". This is because spaces are not allowed in URLs and are replaced with "%20" for encoding.
  • The "&" character is encoded as "%26". This is because "&" is a reserved character in URLs used for separating query parameters, so it needs to be encoded to be properly interpreted as part of the search query.

By performing URL encoding, the special characters in the search query are now represented in a safe and valid format for a URL. This ensures that the URL works correctly when used in hyperlinks, web forms, or any other context where URLs are involved.