RGB to HWB Converter - Convert RGB to HWB Color

Convert RGB to HWB color code online. Instantly view HWB code and color example.


hwb(360 100% 0%)

The RGB to HWB converter is designed to facilitate the conversion of colors from the widely used RGB color space to the HWB color space. With its user-friendly interface, this converter empowers users to effortlessly translate RGB values into their corresponding HWB equivalents. As inputs are adjusted, the HWB color code and a real-time color sample are dynamically updated, providing users with an instant visual representation of the converted color.

RGB (Red, Green, Blue)

RGB is the most common color model used in electronic displays and digital imaging devices. It represents colors by mixing varying intensities of red, green, and blue light. Each component's value typically ranges from 0 to 255, resulting in over 16 million possible colors.

HWB (Hue, Whiteness, Blackness)

HWB is an alternative color model that defines colors in terms of hue (the color itself), whiteness (how much white is mixed with the hue), and blackness (how much black is mixed with the hue). It provides a more intuitive way to reason about colors, particularly when working with tints and shades of a color.