React Validator Online - Validate React Code

Validate React JSX code online. Parse and analyze against React specific linting rules.

The React Validator is designed to validate React JSX code. Its main purpose is to help developers ensure that their React code follows best practices and adheres to React-specific linting rules. JSX is a syntax extension used in React to define the user interface of components, and while it resembles HTML, it needs to be transpiled to JavaScript before it can be executed in a browser.

The React Validator parses and analyzes the provided JSX code, checking it against a set of predefined linting rules that are specific to React development. By validating the code online, developers can catch potential issues early in the development process, leading to cleaner, more efficient, and maintainable React applications.

Here is an example that highlight React code validation:

Example: Missing Closing Tag

In this example, the closing tag for the <p> element is missing. When validated using a React Validator, it would detect the missing closing tag and raise an error, notifying the developer about the issue.