CSS Validator Online - Validate CSS Code

Parse and lint CSS code to avoid errors and enforce conventions. Discover invalid or problematic syntax.

The CSS validator is designed to validate CSS code, ensuring it is free from errors and follows established conventions. Its primary purpose is to parse and lint CSS code, which means it checks the code for syntax and style issues, identifying invalid or problematic constructs.

Here are examples that highlight CSS validation using the CSS Validator:

Example 1: Missing Semicolon

Suppose we have the following CSS code:

In this example, there is a missing semicolon after the font-size property, which will result in invalid CSS. When using the CSS Validator, it will detect the missing semicolon and notify the user about the error, allowing them to correct it and ensure the code is valid.

Example 2: Invalid Color Value

Consider the following CSS snippet:

In this case, the background-color property has an invalid color value, as it should only contain valid hexadecimal color codes.