HTML Beautifier Online - Beautify HTML Code

Beautify your HTML code online. Transform messy HTML into elegant and beautiful code.

The HTML beautifier transforms messy or unorganized HTML code into elegant and beautiful code that is easier to read and understand. When working with HTML, it's not uncommon for the code to become cluttered, with inconsistent indentation, unnecessary line breaks, and other formatting issues. The HTML Beautifier aims to solve this problem by automatically reformatting the HTML code to follow a consistent and visually pleasing style.

Using the HTML Beautifier is typically straightforward. You can paste your HTML code into the tool's interface, and it will automatically reformat the code according to its predefined formatting rules. The resulting code will be displayed, and you can copy it back to use in your project.

Example of Messy or Unformatted HTML code:

Original HTML code:

Beautified HTML code: