TOML Validator Online - Validate TOML Code

Parse, analyze and lint TOML code. Quickly find and identify problems in TOML syntax.

The TOML validator is designed to validate and analyze TOML code. TOML stands for "Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language," and it is a configuration file format that is easy to read due to its minimal syntax. TOML files are commonly used to store configuration settings for various applications.

The purpose of the TOML Validator is to provide users with a quick and efficient way to ensure the correctness of their TOML code.

Here are examples that highlight TOML validation:

Example 1: Invalid TOML File - Syntax Error

In this example, there is a syntax error in the TOML file. The value for the name key is missing the closing quote, which will cause a validation error. The TOML Validator would identify this issue and provide an error message indicating the problem.

Example 2: Valid TOML File

In this example, the TOML file is well-formed and adheres to the correct TOML syntax. The key-value pairs are correctly defined, and the table ([database]) is properly nested with its respective key-value pairs.