JSON5 Beautifier Online - Beautify JSON5 Code

Beautify your JSON5 code online. Parse and format a JSON5 string.

The JSON5 Beautifier is designed to improve the readability and appearance of JSON5 code. JSON5 is a superset of the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data interchange format that adds additional features and flexibility while maintaining compatibility with JavaScript. The tool automatically indents the code, adds line breaks, and aligns elements to enhance the structure and hierarchy of the JSON5 data.

Example: Unformatted JSON5 Code

Original JSON5 code:

Beautified JSON5 code:

In each example, the unformatted JSON5 code is transformed into clean and readable code by the JSON5 Beautifier. The tool applies consistent indentation, adds line breaks, and aligns elements to enhance the code's structure and organization. This formatting improvement makes the JSON5 data more visually appealing and easier to comprehend, especially when working with larger and more complex datasets.