HTML Stripper Online - Remove HTML Tags from Text

Quickly remove HTML tags from text content free online. Strip away the HTML code and convert to plain text.

The HTML Stripper is designed to remove HTML tags from text content. Its primary purpose is to help users quickly and effortlessly strip away HTML code, leaving behind clean and plain text.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is commonly used for formatting and structuring web content, but there are instances where you may need only the plain text from a web page or a piece of HTML-formatted text. This is where the HTML Stripper comes in handy. Whether you're working with web data, cleaning up text copied from a website, or simply want to extract the textual content from an HTML document, this tool makes the process efficient and straightforward.


Here is an example of stripping HTML to convert it into plain text:

Input HTML:

Output Plain Text:

This example demonstrate how HTML tags are removed from different HTML content to produce clean and readable plain text.