JavaScript Beautifier Online - Beautify JavaScript Code

Beautify your JavaScript code online. Convert untidy JavaScript into beautiful code.

The JavaScript Beautifier is designed to improve the appearance and structure of JavaScript code. It takes untidy or poorly formatted JavaScript code as input and transforms it into a more readable and aesthetically pleasing format. It accomplishes this by applying consistent indentation, line breaks, and spacing, which makes the code easier to understand for both developers and collaborators. By using the JavaScript Beautifier, you can convert complex, messy code into a cleaner and more organized version.

Example 1: Messy Code

Original JavaScript code:

Beautified JavaScript code:

As you can see, the JavaScript beautifier automatically adds proper indentation, line breaks, and spacing to the messy code, resulting in clean and readable code. This makes it easier to understand the logic, follow the control flow, and maintain the code in the long run.