JSON5 Stringify Online - Convert a JavaScript value to a JSON5 string

Transform a JavaScript value to a JSON5 string using JSON5.stringify().

The JSON5 Stringify tool allows you to convert a JavaScript value into a JSON5 string representation. It utilizes the JSON5.stringify() method to perform this conversion. JSON5 is an extension of the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format, adding several enhancements to provide a more flexible and human-friendly syntax. It supports additional data types such as dates, regular expressions, and functions, as well as relaxed quoting rules and comments.

The JSON5 Stringify tool is designed simplify the process of converting JavaScript values into JSON5 strings. By inputting a JavaScript value into the tool, it applies the JSON5.stringify() function to generate the corresponding JSON5 string representation.

Example 1: JavaScript Object

JavaScript Input:

JSON5 Output: