CMYK to HEX Converter - Convert CMYK Color to HEX

Convert CMYK to HEX color code online. Instantly view HEX code and color example.




The CMYK to HEX Converter is designed to simplify the process of converting CMYK color values to their corresponding HEX color codes.


The CMYK to HEX Converter offers the following key features:

  • Input Form: The converter presents users with a form that includes four input elements: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Key (K). Users can adjust these values using numeric sliders or input directly.
  • Real-time Conversion: As users modify the CMYK values in the input form, the converter instantly calculates and displays the corresponding HEX color code. This feature provides immediate feedback, allowing users to experiment with different color combinations and observe the results in real time.
  • Color Example: Alongside the HEX color code, the converter also provides a color sample or example that visually demonstrates the converted color. This enables users to not only see the numerical representation but also get a sense of how the color appears.

How to convert CMYK to HEX?

Converting CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black) color values to HEX (Hexadecimal) involves several steps, including converting CMYK to RGB and then converting RGB to HEX. Here's the math formula breakdown:

Convert CMYK to RGB

First, you need to convert CMYK to RGB. The formula to do this is as follows:

R = 255 * (1 - C) * (1 - K)
G = 255 * (1 - M) * (1 - K)
B = 255 * (1 - Y) * (1 - K)

Convert RGB to HEX

Once you have the RGB values, you can then convert them to a HEX color.

rgb(138, 122, 107) = #8A7A6B
13810 = 8A16
12210 = 7A16
10710 = 6B16

Once you have the hexadecimal values for each color component, combine them to form the HEX color code. The format of a HEX color code is "#RRGGBB", where RR represents the red component, GG represents the green component, and BB represents the blue component.