Angular Beautifier Online - Beautify Angular Code

Beautify the visual appearance of your Angular code online. Turn chaotic Angular code into well-formed code.

Enhance the visual appearance of your Angular code. Transform your chaotic Angular code into well-formed, neatly structured code. This tool automatically adjusts the indentation, line breaks, and spacing in your code, resulting in a consistent and visually appealing codebase. Whether you're working on a personal project, collaborating with a team, or simply reviewing Angular code, our beautifier tool is a valuable asset.

To beautify your Angular code, simply paste it into the input area and your code is automatically transformed into a beautifully structured and aesthetically pleasing format.

Example of Messy or Unformatted Angular HTML code:

Original Angular code:

Beautified Angular code:

As you can see, the tool has made several improvements to the code:

  • Indentation: The code is now properly indented, with consistent spacing, making it easier to read and understand the structure of the Angular component.
  • Line breaks: Each component decorator property and method is now on a separate line, enhancing code readability and making it easier to locate specific sections of code.
  • Consistent formatting: The tool has applied consistent formatting rules, such as placing commas at the end of lines and using spaces around curly braces and parentheses, resulting in a more organized and visually pleasing codebase.
  • Proper imports: The imports are now aligned and separated by commas, making them more readable and following the standard Angular import style.