Image Cropper Online - Crop Images to Size

Crop images to a custom size or select from common cropping presets. Free to use online.

The image cropper is a user-friendly tool designed to crop images to your desired size effortlessly. Whether you're aiming to fit a specific aspect ratio, create thumbnails, or focus on a particular portion of an image, this tool offers a seamless and intuitive experience.

Key Features

  • Image Upload: With the prominently displayed "Image Upload" button, you can easily import your image into the cropping tool directly from your computer.
  • Custom Crop Size and Shape: Tailor your images to your precise requirements by selecting a custom crop size and shape. You have the creative freedom to define the exact dimensions you need.
  • Presets for Efficiency: In case you're looking for quick and common cropping dimensions, the tool provides a selection of preset crop size and shape options. (Widescreen, Ultrawide, etc.) This feature saves you time and ensures consistency in your output.
  • Dynamic Boundary Adjustment: Seamlessly adjust the cropping boundary by dragging and resizing it on the uploaded image. This interactive feature gives you full control over what part of the image you want to retain.
  • Real-time Results: As you make adjustments, the tool instantly updates the displayed dimensions including width, height, left, and top. This live feedback ensures accuracy in your cropping process.
  • Download and Clear: Once you're satisfied with your cropping configuration, the "Download Image" button allows you to save the cropped image to your device with a single click. If you decide to start over, the "Clear" link resets the image.

What is Image Cropping

Image cropping is the process of selecting a specific portion or area of an image while discarding the rest. It involves removing unwanted parts of an image to focus on the subject or composition that best serves the intended purpose. Essentially, cropping allows you to alter the dimensions of an image by trimming away the surrounding areas, resulting in a new frame that showcases the chosen content.