Base64 String to Image Converter Online

Generate an image from a Base64 String. Convert a Base64 string into image.

The purpose of the Base64 to Image converter is to facilitate the conversion process for users who have Base64-encoded image data and wish to retrieve the corresponding image file. This tool eliminates the need for manual decoding and offers a streamlined solution by automating the conversion task.

By copying and pasting the Base64 string into the converter, users can quickly generate the image in its original format, such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF. The converter then decodes the Base64 string and reconstructs the image file, allowing users to view, save, or further manipulate the image as needed. This online converter is particularly useful in scenarios where Base64-encoded images are transmitted or stored in formats that require text-based representations. Examples include embedding images in HTML or CSS, transferring images via APIs or network protocols, or storing images in databases as strings. The Base64 to Image converter simplifies the process of restoring these encoded images to their original visual form, enabling easier integration and manipulation in various applications and systems.